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Embedded Preprocessing

Supports the validation, transformation and routing of payment messages

The solution works alongside your current infrastructure, without the need to replace existing systems, centralizing payments into a consolidated system – with all the benefits of a cloud service.

Gain visibility across your business by unifying payment types and messages into a consolidated system

Facilitates business growth.

Allows more payments and messages to be processed quickly and efficiently using one central, automated system

Enhances decision support.

A single dashboard view centralizes mission critical information, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis

Improves customer service.

Provide your customers a consolidated view of their payments and smart routing payment options at least cost, fastest routing

Reduces risk and cost.

Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and consolidates messages on one system, reducing the need for IT resources and manual processing

Modernize without replacing existing systems

Discover how Embedded Preprocessing is helping banks of all sizes to adapt swiftly and build brand loyalty, while enriching the customer experience.


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