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Volante Low-Code Platform

The only low-code platform with 200+ ready-to-use financial messages.

Create new services up to 10x faster

Supported financial message formats

Reduction in time to support ISO 20022

Decrease in time integrate bank and customer systems

Faster development

Fast, secure, and financially aware development

Quickly build your financial transaction-based services with Volante’s low-code platform. Empower your business and technology users to collaborate with visual modeling, integrating and orchestrating workflow across your systems.

Built for high-performance applications

Power your services with the low-code technology trusted by the largest financial institutions in the world for their most critical task – payments.

Fast execution

Execute actions and run services near real-time in response to receiving a financial message. Benefit from the ability to handle any surges in demand, automatically scaling your transaction-based services.

Simple but robust

Empower business users to quickly build basic services with an intuitive, graphically-driven experience. Then let technical users enrich those services with our platform’s more robust capabilities and broad support for financial message formats.

Freedom to evolve beyond legacy

Seamlessly integrate with your legacy technologies. Then effortlessly automate actions with existing data and information from incoming financial messages.

Seamless integration

Use integration templates and built-in support for a wide range of financial message types to integrate with your and your customers’ existing systems.

Effortless automation

Build automation workflows with easy-to-use visual modeling. Power real-time automation at the point of impact – when you receive a financial transaction.

Financial services native

Quickly create compelling new services for your customers while benefitting from always-up-to-date financial messaging formats.

Financial message fluent

Handle a wide variety of message types without having to be an expert. With over 200 message formats supported and continually updated, your team can bring new services to market in record speed.

Trusted security

Rest easy knowing that your services built with our platform are secure. We are trusted by some of the largest banks and exchanges across the globe of our relentless focus on security.

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to our customer

UBS dramatically simplified their ability to support ISO 20022 with our low-code platform. Learn more in this 60-second clip.

Use cases

Speed-up integration with corporate customers

Improve the onboarding experience by visually mapping integrations between bank and corporate systems, with Volante’s Corporate to Bank Integration service. Then, extend the power of those integrations with Volante’s platform.

Adopt and drive revenue with ISO 20022

Quickly validate, create, and transform financial messages with our API-based, ISO 20022 service. Then, effortlessly capture and drive value from the enriched data with our platform.

Extend the life of your legacy systems

Build a process and data transformation layer between internal systems and new or existing market infrastructures. Evolve with market and regulation changes as they happen.

Seamlessly integrate all internal systems

Dramatically reduce the risk to your core services and the time needed by your internal resources to integrate across your infrastructure. Quickly connect and orchestrate across systems with minimal coding.

Our robust and evolving platform

For 20 years, we’ve been synonymous with low-code development for financial transactions through our flagship application: Designer. Building on that success, we’ve brought to market the only low-code, cloud-native platform focused on financial messaging standards.


If you’re in the financial services space, you’re in the right place. Our platform was intentionally built for the unique needs across the financial services industry.


Drive digital transformation on top of your legacy systems and meet the digital demands of tomorrow while still operating on the infrastructure of yesterday.

Market exchanges

Deliver fast transactions while complying with changing reporting requirements. Effortlessly deliver new services across legacy and modern systems with our low-code platform.


Adapt to today’s market and deliver new services on top of your mission critical legacy systems, with our low-code platform.


Use Volante’s platform to overcome your lack of experience with financial messages. Effortlessly manage financial transactions regardless of industry, business, or geography served.


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