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Cloud wire processing for financial institutions

Modernize your end-to-end U.S. Wires system or upgrade your existing one with an ISO 20022-ready solution available in the cloud or as a service

Ready to embrace ISO 20022?
Get ISO 20022 compliant in just 14 weeks

Of value processed in a single day for one customer


Supports the Fed’s migration to the new standard


Certified to protect all data


Compliant to give you peace of mind

Don’t let legacy wire systems hold you back

We have two solutions available to help you on your journey to ISO 20022 compliance for Fedwire. Don’t risk losing this critical revenue stream, work with Volante so you are ready on Day One scheduled March 10, 2025.

We offer two solutions to help you address ISO 20022 compliance

US Wires

An end-to-end, modern and scalable ISO 200222-ready Wires processing solution from channel initiation through to direct clearing and settlement connectivity to the Fedwire® Funds Service ISO® 20022.

ISO 20022 Service

Easily plugs into your existing legacy Wires system, offering the quickest route to ISO 20022 compliance – only 14 weeks. With the ISO 20022 Service, banks can upgrade to a modern, end-to-end Wires processing solution as part of a long-term strategy.

Why Volante?

Payments as a Service

Simplifies the maintenance, management, and compliance of your payments systems with less risk and fewer resources by leveraging our managed services in the cloud.


VolPay is the underpinning technology for our cloud-native payments solutions for banks and financial institutions of all sizes. It provides a complete ecosystem of business services for payments modernization. The solution is API-ready, ISO 20022 native, unifies domestic and international payments processing, end-to-end, and provides real-time processing rails, with over 100 networks supported.


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