Corporate to Bank Integration Service

Onboard your corporate customers 60% faster with an intuitive,
no-code service.

Onboard customers faster while cutting costs

Faster to integrate

Developers needed

ISO 20022 ready

Integration cost reduction

Fast, secure, and financially aware development

Get to revenue faster by onboarding customers quickly. Build integrations with your corporate customers fast without requiring specialized technical skills.

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Volante’s Corporate to Bank Integration

Our Corporate to Bank Integration service cuts the time to integrate with corporate systems by up to 60%, creating a happier customer and a faster route to revenue for the bank.

Core capabilities

Empower your business users to easily build, test, and deploy integrations between bank and client systems, all from one solution.


Use intuitive screens, a library of financial messages with data mappings and validations, and templates to design custom integration workflows.


Let corporate customers track their integrations and test them, receiving alerts for message issues with automated guidance for fixing them.

Deploy & manage

Deploy and manage your tested integration as well as the other integrations across your entire customer base.


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Up to 3 integrations and 1000 instructions per month.


Up to 50 integrations and 100,000 instructions per month.


Up to 150 integrations and 250,000 instructions per month.


Up to 350 integrations and UNLIMITED instructions per month.


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